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The Crypt Mausoleum of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels is located on the lower level (one floor beneath the Cathedral Church) and is directly across from St. Vibiana's Chapel. Easy access to the lower level can be gained by the stairway or elevator at the rear of the Cathedral church.

We invite you to visit the Mausoleum on your next visit to the Cathedral. You will discover as you enter through the Mausoleum doors, there are two beautiful etchings depicting guardian angels holding torches. These angels, designed and carved by Judson Studios, one of the most renowned and oldest liturgical studios in North America, remind us of the care and love we have for our departed.

The beautiful Spanish limestone and stained glass windows throughout the Mausoleum, as well as the soft glow of the lighting from the Alabaster sconces, exude a welcoming place of prayer, drawing you into the Mausoleum to explore even further its quiet beauty.

As you proceed down the main corridor, you will note the sixteen large stained glass windows along the north and south hallways, in addition to the nine lunettes, all of which were originally placed in St. Vibiana Cathedral. The lighted windows are of the baroque revival style and were restored by the Judson Studios.

Located at the end of the main corridor is a sacophagus and a beautiful dome directly above it. This dome was originally in place at Calvary mortuary within a private chapel. It was moved to the Cathedral in one piece and placed into a redesigned and rebuilt ceiling. The artwork of the dome was originally done on canvas panels and then carefully attached to the dome. It took the artist over a year to complete. The translation of the Latin is, "In the name of Jesus, all shall genuflect, in heaven, on earth, and under the earth". Also shown are several angels, a papal tiara, papal awards, and a Jerusalem Cross similar to the one in the rosso laguna marble on top the sarcophagus.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Mausoleum is the only structure in the world where the opportunity for interment in a site of such religious significance is available to all - not just a "privileged few". No other church, not even the grand cathedrals in Europe, have anything compared in scope and design.

This sacred place beneath the Cathedral contains 1275 crypt (full casket) spaces, and 4794 niche (urn) spaces for burials. Additionally, there are over 200 areas located within the Mausoleum that offer the opportunity to memorialize a loved one, or loved ones, on a Mausoleum Cenotaph. Location, level and row within the Mausoleum determine the final price of all spaces in the Mausoleum. View Mausoleum Floor Plan (PDF)

The payment proceeds from crypt or niche spaces within the Mausoleum will be contributed to the Cathedral Foundation and a portion of those amounts will be tax deductible as a Charitable Contribution. Payment proceeds from Cenotaph space is fully tax deductible.

The Cathedral Foundation Endowment Fund is fully designated and restricted for the use of the Cathedral, and cannot be used for any other purpose. It will assure the financial stability of the Cathedral, and ensure that the Cathedral is properly maintained, and retains its beauty, prestige, and function for centuries to come.

The Cathedral offers a Cathedral Mausoleum DVD with a brief visual tour of the Mausoleum, available free, upon request. A small screen version of DVD is also available for online viewing. View DVD online. (File is 17MB, please be patient as it downloads).

For additional information or to schedule a tour of the Mausoleum, please contact the Cathedral Mausoleum office at (213) 680-5226 or

Learn more about the STAINED GLASS WINDOWS | Mausoleum Flower Policy (PDF).


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